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Every spring I endure the same uncomfortable first ride feeling you get all excited to break the bike out for the season and you go for that extra long ride on the bike trail because it's just so fresh and new every time. Then the next day it happens you go to sit down and you feel it. Your butt is so sore you forgot you had bones back there that bruise from hard bike seats. That's why this year I decided to try out different padded accessories from bike shorts to seat covers and I will keep you posted on how each does. Feel free to try on yourself as we carry some of the best.

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  • Ive always loved camping and your site was the 1st place i showed my family. Now we can get our camping stuff at a great price

    Jess on
  • I love the camcorders you have on your website , i never thought i’d find a good price or deal on cameras until i came across your website. The camcorders you have will forsure help me with my vlogs i make. Thank you so much !!

    Lea on
  • I have a pretty sweet bike but the seat is just messed up, this addon did the trick! Thanks man! Got me enjoying summer rides again!

    iLovEmyGirL on
  • I love biking season personally but I do really need a good seat for my bike I ride at least 10 km a day from when I was young. I took a good look at your site I will be getting all of my bike accessories from here from now on

    Bands on

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